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What is content marketing and why do you need it?

Remember the age old phrase ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’? In the 21st century, with the internet becoming an integral part of our lives, this phrase has been modernised to ‘Don’t judge a website by its design’. No matter how beautiful the look and feel of a website, it may never reach a high rank or get enough traffic. Why? The answer is content. With the advent of modern web technology, there is an increasing demand of creative, resourceful and original content. Just like a brick and mortar store, a website too needs customers, or as the technical term goes ‘Traffic’. To run a successful website, a consistent amount of traffic is essential. Now, why would anyone return back to a website? Why do we check several websites almost every day? Even though the design of a website helps to attract a visitor, it is actually the content that keeps the visitor coming back. And there dawns the idea of ‘Content Marketing’. Though it is a relatively new aspect, it is more than just a term in the business books. In fact, it is what the business is all about.

The Mystery of Content

Before we dive into the world of content marketing, it is essential to know how content helps to improve traffic in a website. All the search engines like ‘Google’, ‘Bing’, ‘Yahoo’ and many more have a particular analytic tool known as a ‘web Crawler’. Like the name, a web crawler crawls websites and reads the content. In fact, Google bot (The Web Crawler for Google) analyses the words and links in a website and creates an index accordingly. The index is later utilized to match the words that the user has searched for. According to this index, the websites are listed and the ranking of websites is famously termed as ‘Page’ rank. Now, the idea is to get a high Page rank and that is achievable only by utilizing superior, well-versed content. In fact, Google bot implements an algorithm that can identify plagiarized content, which is nothing but copied content. Plagiarized content may caused your site to be disbarred or unlisted. Therefore, the idea of copy-paste is a thing of the past and the demand for Content Writers and Content Marketing is on the rise. With content management another relevant term ‘SEO’ or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ comes into the picture. SEO is primarily concerned with the identification of popular keywords that help a website get ahead of the competition. The more the keyword match, the higher the ranking and before you know it, it’s raining visitors.

Content Marketing – The Idea

Content marketing, in layman's terms, is the idea of delivering customized, relevant content to attract customers/visitors. Instead, of a scattered display of ideas, content marketing modularizes them and helps to create a better presentation for the customers. It helps to promote a website by directing the traffic towards it. Ever wondered why the ‘How-to’ posts or ‘10 Reasons why…’ are gaining so much popularity over an essay or a paragraph? The answer lies hidden in content marketing. A visitor may not have the patience to read through each line of an essay but an easy ‘how-to’ guide simply optimizes the content and puts forward the relevant information. The venture of content marketing goes beyond simple texts. From blogs to info graphics, from videos to case-studies the visitor feeds on anything and everything that is short and crisp and is served on a delectable platter. No matter how simple the idea is or how common the information, content marketing produces a creative read that attracts traffic. So without further adieu, our own short, crisp and consolidated list.

6 Reasons why your Website needs Content Marketing

Years of study and immense research have proved, beyond a doubt that content marketing helps to fast-forward a business. At present, more than 75% business on the internet have joined hands with content marketers. Here are the top reasons why.

  • 1. Building the Brand: The first and foremost reason for content marketing is to build a brand. By continually engaging customers and increasing the areas for customers to explore, a brand is created and etched into the customer's mind. The potential customers are drawn to the website for the unique and attractive content that satisfies their need for information.
  • 2. Generate Traffic: A significant reason for content marketing is to generate traffic to your website. Content marketing attempts to identify the expectations and needs of the customers and deliver it, thereby resulting in a considerable amount of traffic.The more the traffic the higher the revenue. It is necessary not only to write original content but also to update it regularly. Every change brought about in your business needs to be reflected on your website website.
  • 3. Caring for Customers: It is necessary to analyze the customer requirements and bring about changes quickly. If, for instance, in an e-commerce website customers are looking for Christmas gifts then probably starting a Christmas sale would be beneficial. Content marketing helps to identify the trends in the business. A relationship with the customers and feedback from customers help in the overall growth of any business.
  • 4. Brainstorming Ideas: New ideas and attractions are another way of maintaining the customers. Content marketing helps to generate an original creative idea that puts any business one step ahead of the others. Comments left from you customers provides feedback on your ideas.
  • 5. SEO: The key feature of content marketing is to gather the SEO keywords and use them to produce the content. With relevant keywords, a website can be easily recognized by a search engine and thereby the ranking of the website moves up the list.
  • 6. Platform Independence: An important feature of content marketing is to publish information in different social media platforms. Now, each of these platforms is independent of each other. There may be a collection of users more active on Google+ while another group is regular in Facebook. By sharing the content on multiple platforms, the same idea reaches all of them and helps to grow the customers. It creates a connection and draws a huge traffic from all platforms.

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